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Fausto Morosoph- Rap. (Album Cover) by The-Crows-Eye Fausto Morosoph- Rap. (Album Cover) :iconthe-crows-eye:The-Crows-Eye 0 0 Garter Snake by The-Crows-Eye Garter Snake :iconthe-crows-eye:The-Crows-Eye 0 0 Dungeons and Dragons Character by The-Crows-Eye Dungeons and Dragons Character :iconthe-crows-eye:The-Crows-Eye 2 0
Cloning's viability as an attempt at immortality
  Immortality, one of man's biggest pursuits. Due to this there is thousands of methods in pursuit of these hopes;some random remedies, some strewn out religious/cult-based rituals/practices, and some on the bases of science. One of the biggest being cloning.
  But, how does one define immortality?Immortality is everlasting life.The immortality man commonly goes for is physical immortality. Physical experiences are held to one individual as there perspective and thus their life.
  A clone is equivalent to a identical twin, but both individual twin have separate experiences  and perspectives; no matter how similar. So if a twin ceases in his mortality he is dead, and is perspective is gone. This is equivalent for an individual with a clone. Thus it would not be individual physical immortality, but instead maybe genetic immortality.
  At any rate it's not what it's made out be. The individual would have to mature (not commonly mentioned in sci-fi). One would have
:iconthe-crows-eye:The-Crows-Eye 0 0
On The Issue of Character Variation
  Why do so many character (main, especially) fit a certain build? Almost every character of every series of animation, books, whatever, is white, skinny-muscular build, older teen, male, normal-below average intelligence. They try to hit a majority build to the euro and US crowds. Of course relation is always a thing but, it can be done at broader and deeper ranges then appearance.
  Why not make the character harder to relate? Make him complex and different, so the recipient has to ponder at said character. There is so much variety one can go far. Humans have 46 chromosomes(in most cases) and thus there is 17,000,000,000,000+(literally)(there are 256 individual combinations of possible simple fruit fly, alone) possible combinations in genes; there 512 skin tones alone. Not mention characters can have a skin condition, dyed hair,be modified,or could not even be human.
With fictional writing there is an infinite amount of choices for every aspect; you just have to think. So g
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Clones: Sci-Fi Genre Problems
  Clones are stereotyped as all being exactly the same as there original counterpart; looks, skills, emotions, and personal thoughts. That's not right. How do I know this?(It's not because I'm a escaped subject of a Russian cloning facility made to create super soldiers, based in Chernobyl with led walls to accommodate the radiation or anything, the US government should look into that by the way)
  The truth is clones are somewhat common in nature; not just among asexual species either. Identical twins are actually clones. Yes, full-fledged clones and if you've ever met identical twins not only can they have slight differences in looks, but they will also have quite different personality traits. Not every clone has to be a uniform of it's copy; there human and held to individual experiences and differences.You could make a reason to justify them being this way in your particular piece (other than the lazy "there clones" defense) or just make them robots, instead of robotic (a
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Octopus Samurai by The-Crows-Eye Octopus Samurai :iconthe-crows-eye:The-Crows-Eye 0 0
It starts at a glimmer,
Next the stitches they gather to a simmer, near the heat,
The squiggly lines that differentiate the gray with pitch,
Red flashes dimmer to a bland orange,
O'tremors and quakes send static to the impulses.
It takes the pressure and surfaces,
Next it makes impressions,
To these it scripts them to the eyes,
Enter the world,
Right at your basis,
Peer at the surroundings,
Revel at the avail,
Exhale and release the very plexus,
Take thought.
:iconthe-crows-eye:The-Crows-Eye 0 0
Chinese Mantis(d) (Tendora Aridifolia) by The-Crows-Eye Chinese Mantis(d) (Tendora Aridifolia) :iconthe-crows-eye:The-Crows-Eye 1 0 Bucket Of Mushrooms by The-Crows-Eye Bucket Of Mushrooms :iconthe-crows-eye:The-Crows-Eye 0 0 Baby Opossums (Didelphimorphia) by The-Crows-Eye Baby Opossums (Didelphimorphia) :iconthe-crows-eye:The-Crows-Eye 1 2 Ring-necked Snake(Diadophis Punctatus) by The-Crows-Eye Ring-necked Snake(Diadophis Punctatus) :iconthe-crows-eye:The-Crows-Eye 0 1 Various Mushrooms by The-Crows-Eye Various Mushrooms :iconthe-crows-eye:The-Crows-Eye 0 0 Prairie King Snake (Lampropeltis Calligaster) by The-Crows-Eye Prairie King Snake (Lampropeltis Calligaster) :iconthe-crows-eye:The-Crows-Eye 2 2 Rowdy The Raccoon by The-Crows-Eye Rowdy The Raccoon :iconthe-crows-eye:The-Crows-Eye 1 1 Cumberjung (Gujarati Quoit Flail) by The-Crows-Eye Cumberjung (Gujarati Quoit Flail) :iconthe-crows-eye:The-Crows-Eye 0 0


Armoured Bat by 4thWallDesign Armoured Bat :icon4thwalldesign:4thWallDesign 20 1 POPE by AustenMengler POPE :iconaustenmengler:AustenMengler 122 6 SKELLIPEDE by AustenMengler SKELLIPEDE :iconaustenmengler:AustenMengler 671 52 Armour Golem by AustenMengler Armour Golem :iconaustenmengler:AustenMengler 236 10 RAGEQUIT by AustenMengler RAGEQUIT :iconaustenmengler:AustenMengler 240 32 SQUIDWARD by AustenMengler SQUIDWARD :iconaustenmengler:AustenMengler 155 12 PATRICK by AustenMengler PATRICK :iconaustenmengler:AustenMengler 207 31 Shark Isle by SourShade Shark Isle :iconsourshade:SourShade 9,405 523 Yanshi: Ogre by dinmoney Yanshi: Ogre :icondinmoney:dinmoney 254 9 THE STREETS - Chapter 1 - by DanLuVisiArt THE STREETS - Chapter 1 - :icondanluvisiart:DanLuVisiArt 5,803 264 V by AustenMengler V :iconaustenmengler:AustenMengler 1,202 53 School Sketches by RaphaelMichael School Sketches :iconraphaelmichael:RaphaelMichael 34 8 Horse-head Grasshopper (Pseudoproscopia sp) by ENRAGEDBAKU Horse-head Grasshopper (Pseudoproscopia sp) :iconenragedbaku:ENRAGEDBAKU 10 1 Bulette by Katemare Bulette :iconkatemare:Katemare 32 6 88 - Skeleton - 89 - Remorhaz by yunuskocatepe 88 - Skeleton - 89 - Remorhaz :iconyunuskocatepe:yunuskocatepe 21 5 Bison with Crows by creaturesfromel Bison with Crows :iconcreaturesfromel:creaturesfromel 5,267 130


I've reached  2,000 views and have gotten 100 something views for the past few days (hope I don't jinx myself, knock on wood, not proper use but,oh well). This is ridiculous for me so I'll try to start being more active on the channel(yeah I'm a terrible person). Lately I've just been extremely busy with schooling(ACT), outside art projects(I don't release via publicly,due paranoia and selfishness (egotism speaking), I got 2nd place in a painting contest several months ago). So I want to thank you all for viewing, favoring, sharing, and giving me llamas/badges; this really motivates me. I'll come up with some kind of gift for reaching 4 digits in views(kind of late on that, probably a free to use species, unless anybody has a better idea). I might have some character drawings or more manga pages on Carnation, though I highly doubt it(2 interlinking series, over a 100 characters most with special powers and weapons, yet I'll probably never work on it again, I'm wasteful, no hyperbole) . I might start working on a new series of graphic novel-esque story, though I need to research, develop, and such. Thank you all.   


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I draw and write horror/fantasy based subject matter as well as informative works. See "Breaking Of The Trinity" in the gallery for further information.


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